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About Nina

CalBRE #01091433

As a single mother raising her 3 year old son, Nina looked for a better way to provide for her family and entered into Real Estate in the early 1980's starting off as supervisor in the FHA and VA Loan Guarantee Department before becoming an underwriter a few years later.


By the late 1980's she had obtained her real estate sales license and began practicing lending and selling homes in Glendale and the surrounding cities eventually joining Coldwell Banker in 1999.


Home Sellers appreciate the wealth of knowledge Nina brings to the transaction.  Having over 30 years of experience in nearly every single aspect of real estate, Nina is able to address red flags in a Buyer's offer before they turn into major problems down the line.  Her prior expertise in lending and underwriting give her Sellers the peace of mind of knowing that she will be able to parse through all of the Buyer's financial documents and loan documents to see if their offer stands on solid ground or if there's trouble in the making.


Perhaps one of the most overlooked assets Buyers fail to recognize in an agent is that of the agent's reputation among other agents. It is this rock-solid, trustworthy reputation that helps get Home Buyers' offers accepted - even when other competing offers may be higher - simply because the Seller's agent knows that they are dealing with an ethical and fair-minded agent on the other side.  And when it comes to successfully closing a transaction, sometimes it's simply the trust between the Listing Agent and the Buyer's Agent that holds the transaction together.


Above all else, Nina's empathy and ability to connect on an emotional level with her clients is what has continued to bring her repeat business.  Almost without fail, the client/agent relationship transitions into a lifelong friendship.  If you visit her office you’ll find Christmas cards, new birth announcements, and other milestone announcements from her past clients alongside her own family photos.


In her spare time, Nina enjoys researching and reading about new recipes she can cook up, traveling to distant and exotic corners of the world to learn about new cultures, and most of all, playing with her grandchildren.


Contact Nina today to see how she and her son can help you reach your goals!

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