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Whether you are a buying your first property or your tenth, James & Nina will not only be a valuable asset during your home search, but their expertise in real estate contracts will help limit your exposure and liability throughout the transaction.  With clear communication skills, they will make sure that you are educated of the purchase process and made aware of the liabilities that accompany any transaction.

Using sophisticated software to narrowly focus your home search, James & Nina are able to help you pinpoint the home that perfectly fits you.

Finding a suitable home doesn't solely depend on how it makes you feel - but it does start there.  You must also weigh the market value of the property as well as determine its condition.  By employing a rigorous analysis of the home you like, James is able to determine the fair market value of the property.  Along with this, James researches the history of the property to see what the current Sellers paid for it and when they purchased it - which can help determine the amount of room you could have to negotiate the price. With this knowledge, you will be able to determine an offer price that gets you the home while remaining reasonable to the Sellers.

Click here to contact James & Nina and start your home search right!

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