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There are innumerable reasons why you would want to sell your home, but whatever the reason, James & Nina are committed to removing any of the confusion or frustration that can frequently burden any transaction. 

By utilizing a comprehensive listing and marketing plan that is modified to individually cater to the needs of each transaction, they are able to provide a tailored solution for you whether you are looking to upgrade into a larger home, relocating, doing a 1031 tax exchange, or downsizing.

Nevertheless, marketing your home is not the only aspect to selling a property - a real estate transaction is a process with many moving parts that involve dozens of other parties. Home inspectors, appraisers, municipal employees, escrow officers, title reps, loan officers, underwriters, processors, the buyers, and the buyers' agent are a staple to any standard real estate transaction - and that list can easily grow depending on the complexity of the deal.  Having clear and concise communication skills in order to coordinate the logistics of contract operations and manage the flood of information and paperwork created by a transaction is all a part of James and Nina's skill set - a valuable asset to their clients.

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